6 steps for increasing value through customer diagnosis

urkopic2A lot of damage has been done to the profession of sales — and capitalism in general — because businesspeople often think their objective is to “make a sale” or “maximize shareholder value.”

Perhaps when people are in desperate need of money, this is understandable. But in most cases, it’s shortsighted. None of us wants to be sold anything, but all of us want to acquire value.

For many people, the very words “sales” and “selling” convey pushing something on someone, even when it is not in their best interest.

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The elements most companies miss when driving innovation

urkopic1Innovation enables companies to differentiate, establish competitive advantage, and drive revenue growth, so it isn’t surprising that nearly every executive wants his or her company to be innovative. When I ask executives how they are driving innovation, people often tell me about their tactics to encourage employees to be more creative such as:

  • Conduct brainstorming sessions
  • Encourage employees to devote time each week to pursue “pet” ideas
  • Reward risk-taking
  • Drive fear out of the workplace

All of these activities have value but, in my experience, the primary ingredient for innovation success that most companies are missing is focus.

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Take a lesson from Nike’s customer diagnosis approach


Do you know your target customers’ most important unsatisfied needs? By identifying them before attempting to create or deliver an offering, you can bring your full array of capabilities to bear upon the biggest opportunities in your market, generate breakthrough solutions, inspire your customers and take market leadership, too.

Learn how to conduct a good customer diagnosis, or hire a professional, so you can prescribe a winning product or service that you know will improve your customers’ condition. That’s how big winners like Nike “just do it,” and you can do it, too!

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How to use competitive analysis to your advantage

urko-800xx2125-1197-0-218Traditional competitive analysis can be helpful for businesses that truly understand their customers’ needs, but that approach is inadequate and possibly dangerous for companies that don’t.

Many companies think they need a competitive analysis when what they really need is both a customer analysis and a competitive analysis.

Here’s how to do both in a single process to get superior results:

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